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World Class Procurement Expertise

Guaranteed Cost Savings

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Guaranteed to save your business money ...

  • Proven

  • Risk Free

  • Self Financing

  • Transparent

  • Focused

  • Fast

Since 1994 we have helped businesses throughout the UK, Europe and the US to realise the enormous latent potential within almost all supply chains. The formula is simple - embed a world-class procurement professional within your procurement team for a temporary period. The results are spectacular - typical projects generate cost savings in the region of £500,000 per annum in just 35 working days. This service is completely risk free – we guarantee our results, so that it we fail to make savings, we will give a complete refund of our fee. 

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Business Meeting

Our Performance Guarantee

Our unprecedented success in reducing costs for our clients enables us to provide our Unique Performance Guarantee.

If at the end of our agreed assignment period we have not been able to identify savings exceeding the value of our fees, we will give you a complete refund.

No client has EVER needed to use this guarantee but we nevertheless continue to provide it as a professional commitment to our clients.

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