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Why Use Phillips Consulting?

We are Proven

28 years of unbroken success

Tens of millions of pounds saved

Hundreds of satisfied clients

We are Risk-Free

Highly experienced consultants

Board-level composure

Unrivalled expertise in negotiation

Unique Performance Guarantee

We are Self-Financing

Fees are linked to performance

We pay for ourselves many times over

We have never had a client that did not make a net saving from our service

We are Transparent

Full client involvement throughout the assignment

You can stop our work at any time

We do not end the project leaving you with tantalizing mysteries

We are Focused

We are not distracted by day-to-day issues that incumbent staff inevitably face

We provide world-class focused expertise

We are Fast

Assignments usually completed in 3-4 months

Savings often start flowing from month one

Delays cost money

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